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Common information:

   Propecia (Finasteride) is the only male pattern hair loss treatment pill approved by the FDA and effective in treating anterior mid-scalp area and vertex (top of the head) hair loss. According to the recent studies by several independent research groups about 80% of men who took Propecia experienced positive effects from the treatment. 48% of male patients treated with Propecia had visible hair re-growth and 42% had no further hair loss.

   Use: Finasteride is a male-specific drug used for treating partial hair loss on the top of the head and at the front of the mid-scalp area (middle front of the head). It decreases hair loss, stimulates hair growth and improves hair re-growth in these areas only not affecting hair on any other parts of the body.

Taking Propecia:

   For maximum effect it is generally recommended to take Propecia (Finasteride) orally with or without food once a day on a regular basis. You should continue taking Propecia even when you notice an improvement in your hair loss pattern to preserve the positive dynamics of your treatment. It is important that you don't miss any doses and doctors advise that you take Finasteride at the same time each day which makes it easier for you to remember to take it.

Side effects:

   Clinical studies show no indications of pronounced side effects with the majority of the patients. The most common adverse reaction observed manifests itself in somewhat decreased libido which affects less than 2% of the patients. This side effect disappears when you withhold medication and in most cases it also disappears even if you continue therapy with Finasteride.


   This medication is for pattern hair loss treatment in MEN ONLY and should NOT in any case be used by women or children. Intact film coated tablets of Finasteride can be safely handled by women, however due to the potential adverse effects of this medication on the male baby's sex organs damaged tablets should not be used or handled by women who are or may potentially be pregnant. This medicine can cause liver inflammation (hepatitis) in patients with liver disease. That's why despite this problem being quite rare men with liver disorders should always use extreme caution when taking Finasteride.

Drug interactions:

   Multiple studies performed in a 5-year span discovered no considerable interactions between Finasteride and other concomitant drugs.
Missed dose: If you occasionally miss a dose of this medication and it's still enough time before the next dose you should just take a pill like you normally do. If it's almost time for your next dose you should skip the missed one and continue taking Propecia according to your usual schedule. Don't try catching up by taking the double dose of the drug.
Storage: Propecia should be stored in dry places at 59-86 degrees F (15-30 degrees C) and kept away from light, excessive heat and moisture as well as out of children's reach. Use original containers Finasteride comes in and always remember to throw away any outdated or unused medication.

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Propecia (Finasteride)

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